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Your Baby's First Steps

Month 12, Week 4

When you notice your baby "cruising" around her playroom, you may be eager to encourage her walking habit. But what's the best method?

  • Grasp your baby's hand and help her walk around for longer distances. That will help her improve her balance and become confident on two feet.
  • Avoid wheeled walkers; they reduce a baby's desire to learn to walk since she can already get around the room. Walkers also greatly increase her chances of injury, even when adults are present. That's because they're unstable and fast and allow babies to grab things they normally couldn't reach. A baby in a walker may fall down a flight of stairs, knock hot coffee from a table onto herself, or ingest medication, coins, or other small items you thought were out of reach. Opt for the push toys instead.
  • Stationary activity centers let babies play safely while on their feet without moving around the room.

What a mother should eat when she breastfeeds a baby?

You need to remember that you are eating for two people while breastfeeding. If you eat less, you won’t be able to produce enough milk, which will result in your baby being hungry. As a general rule, you don’t have to eat anything out of the ordinary during breastfeeding, just ensure that whatever you eat offers a healthy balanced diet. This includes:

  • Foods rich in starch (e.g bread and rice). Choose wholegrain varieties.
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Eat little protein, like lean meat, pulses or eggs. Consume at least two portions of fish a week, which includes oily fish like salmon.
  • Consume little low-fat dairy food, such as yogurt or a glass of milk

Make sure that your diet contains enough calcium iron and calcium. If you can, consume primarily unsaturated fats and foods that has vitamin B9 (folic acid).