MyBabyCare 2017


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"It only serves to show what sort of person a man must be who can't even get testimonials. No, no; if a man brings references, it proves nothing; but if he can't, it proves a great deal."

Janet Reed

Pratibha & Abhijeet Shukla (Kanpur)

We had a wonderful time at the shoot. It was such a special experience. Haven’t seen the complete pictures but the little we’ve seen has left us wanting more. Thank you soo much for arranging it at such short notice.

Janet Reed

Prabha & Nitin Dwivedi (Lucknow)

Had a wonderful experience getting my son Vibhu’s photo shoot done. The team is extremely professional and competitive. They made the whole environment so lively and happy that my son felt comfortable and at home. It was commendable to see how the whole team managed to sustain a two year old’s attention through out the shoot. I loved the way they have captured different moods n expressions of my lil one. I wish MyBabyCare and his team all the best for their future endeavours.

Janet Reed

Neha & Puneet Singh (Kanpur)

Wanted to get my Son 3 Years completion captured so after doing some research in internet and seeing MybabyCare's work with the babies, finally decided to get the shoot done with him.

Babies are bundle of joys and you are doing are a great job by capturing their beautiful smiles. We enjoyed the shoot and the time in the studio.

Janet Reed

Ragini & Gaurav Verma (Kanpur)

We were searching for a professional photographer specialising in infant photography when we stumbled upon Mybabycare’s website, purely by chance. We were impressed by MyBabyCare photographs and decided to go ahead and contact the studio. Our first contact point at the studio was MyBabyCare, who was very cordial and responded to all our concerns. The initial meeting with Shaan Khaan was a quick one as he was quite clear on his vision of the shoot once he had our inputs in terms of ideas and get-up. On the day of the shoot, our 2 Days old daughter, kept everyone in MyBabyCare’s team on their toes (and ensured that her parent’s got much needed Cardio exercise as well!), but the team was quite patient and cordial. The mood at the shoot was quite informal and jovial with adequate breaks in between ensuring that we got enough rest in between. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

We would certainly recommend MyBabyCare Photography to our friends and family.

Janet Reed

Akanksha & Rohit Pandey (Chandigarh)

LOOK NO FURTHER! The second I saw MyBabyCare sample works on flatpebbles, I contacted them for their availability without seeing another photographer and it was the #1 best decision I made. As expected they did an awesome job capturing very beautiful snaps of our baby. They are really creative and comes up with things like different props you would never think of, and it’s so exciting to see our baby pictures will be so unique. Everyone in family and friends are amazed to these pictures of our baby and much appreciated the work done by MyBabyCare.


I love Photography! it is much more real than life.