Do you know these things about your baby's skin?

Every newborn's skin is extremely sensitive. If neglected in its care and cleanliness, then along with infection, the skin can become dry and lifeless. Apart from this, rashes, prickly heat, cradle cap and acne etc. may have to be faced. Not only this, due to the changing weather, the skin of the baby is also affected.

Do you know these things about your baby's skin?

For women who become mothers for the first time, the biggest challenge in front of them is how to take care of the baby's skin. Also, sometimes she does not understand the changes taking place in the baby's skin. In this article, we will discuss this issue and tell some important tips that will keep your baby away from all kinds of skin problems. Along with this, we will also tell about some herbal baby products, which are necessary for the baby's skin.

Dry skin: Like adults, the skin of a newborn baby is also dry. This is usually seen in winter. One is the dry season and above all, everyone uses a heater in their house. Because of this, the natural moisture present in the baby's skin starts losing. However, this can be seen even in summer, but there is no need to panic about it. Here we are telling some important tips, by which the baby can be saved from this problem.

  • The baby should be bathed with lukewarm water at least thrice a week. To protect it from cold, take a quick bath and wrap it in a soft and soft towel. You can use Himalaya Moisturizing Baby Soap for bathing. This will retain the moisture in her skin. This soap contains olive oil, which provides softness to the baby's skin.
  • Cradle cap is often found on the head of young children. These are due to dryness of the skin and dandruff. However, for the first two weeks, it is recommended to clean the baby's head with lukewarm water only with the help of light hands, so that any kind of dirt does not accumulate. At the same time, when hair grows on the head, then natural and mild shampoo can be used. Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo is the best in this case. It thoroughly cleanses the hair roots and nourishes them without any kind of irritation in the eyes and scalp.
  • Of course, use good quality soaps and shampoos, but a massage after a bath is also necessary. Sometimes massage can be done even before taking a bath. You can use Himalaya Baby Massage Oil for massage. It contains olive oil and winter cherry, which provides adequate moisture to the baby.

Prickly heat: In summer, the newborn baby is more prone to itching and prickly heat. Like the elders, a small child also suffers due to prickly heat, but he is not able to tell about his problem by speaking. If you want your baby to laugh and play even in summers, then definitely use Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder. This powder contains neem, which acts as an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, thereby eliminating red spots and inflammation. It also contains zinc, which helps in healing wounds. By applying this powder, the baby feels cool.

Rashes: The skin of a baby is very soft and sensitive, due to which it is common for her to get rashes. Sometimes baby's diaper gets wet very quickly. If it is not changed in time, a wet diaper can cause rashes on the baby. The best way to deal with this is to change diapers from time to time and whenever changing diapers, first clean the skin of the baby thoroughly. Also, let it dry naturally for some time. Wear diapers only after that. If the rash still occurs, then Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream can be used. This cream contains Yashad Bhasma, which is beneficial for the soft skin of babies.

It is clear that as much as a baby needs your love and good food, it also needs proper care and cleanliness. In this case, along with taking many precautions, it is also necessary to use herbal, safe, certified and reliable baby care products. In this regard, Himalaya's products meet all the criteria. So, the next time you go to the market to buy a product for your baby, keep her soft, soft and sensitive skin in mind.