How to take care of baby's skin in winter

Babies need special care in the first year after birth as their skin is very delicate and soft.

How to take care of baby's skin in winter

Babies need special care in the first year after birth as their skin is very delicate and soft. Taking care of the baby's skin and face does not mean only with the skin of the face but the skin of the whole body. The slightest carelessness can lead to various types of infections in the skin of the child. In such a situation, care should be taken from the baby's bath soap, the clothes worn by him, his lotions and powders, and the oil used for massage. You should be very careful while choosing and using all of these.

1. Using Moisturizer

Baby soap should always be used for children because the baby shop is not hard and also provide moisture to children's skin. Do not even use such cosmetic creams for children, which can cause infection in the child's skin. According to the season, by massaging oil before bathing, their child's skin remains soft and clean. It would be better if we use a mild moisturizer on the advice of the doctor to retain the moisture of the baby's skin. Take care of most of the rashes and infections on the skin of the child.

2. Use of soap

10 days after the birth of the child, you can bathe him with lukewarm water. As the child grows up, he tries to walk on his knees on the floor, due to which the palms of his hands and the feet below the knee often become dirty, so there is a fear of skin infection. To prevent skin infection, massage with some solution oil before bathing the baby and then bathing in baby soap and lukewarm water benefits the baby's skin. Use only mild soap containing moisturizer.

3. Using Diapers

Changing times have also given a new look to the use of small nappies or nappy which was made by tearing cloth (this was very unsafe for newborns). Today the use of diapers for babies is safe. Nowadays there are many in the market. Different types of diapers have started coming. Since there is no time for the routine of children, therefore diapers have to be changed 8 to 10 times in a day. If you do not change the baby's diaper, then there is a possibility of the baby getting a diaper rash. Choosing the right diaper is also very important to prevent diaper rash.

4. Types of Diapers –

  • flat diaper
  • prefold diaper
  • fitted diaper
  • all-in-one diaper

5. Disposable Diapers

Use diapers according to your choice. But an effort should be made that the baby's skin remains dry. It is quick on wet skin, it gets rashes and itching. Change the diaper only when the skin becomes dry. Use baby powder. Excess moisture causes infection.

6. Using Gloves

Baby's skin is very soft and supple. If your nails are big then you can harm the baby. Therefore, keeping in mind the safety of the child, always bathe or wash the child by wearing gloves. Not only this, keep small gloves on the hands of the child as well, otherwise, the child gets used to sucking the thumb.

7. Use of Paraffin

Massage with a light and good oil is very important for the development of the child's body. But while choosing the oil, keep in mind that it should not be too fragrant or greasy. In fact, due to excessive fragrance or greasiness, the baby's skin can be allergic or itchy. Do not massage children up to 1 year old with mustard oil.

8. Using Ubtan

Some born babies have thick hair on their bodies. Generally, the hair falls out with time. But massaging children with mild rubbish is beneficial, it stops unnecessary hair growth. And the use of ubtan also improves the skin of the child. Nevertheless, before using any kind of ubtan, definitely take the opinion of the doctor. Do not use it on the baby's skin. Otherwise, the skin may get infected.

9. Using Lipbalm

The baby's lips are often wet due to frequent spitting up due to which the skin of the lips becomes engorged and removed. Due to this dryness comes on them. In this case, white petroleum jelly or lip balm should be used.

10. Eye Care

Initially, there may be a white or light yellow discharge from the corner of the baby's eyes. Do not panic, after consulting a doctor, soak a cotton ball in lemon water and clean the corners of the eyes with a light hand from inside to outside. Do not rub it by hand or try to pull it off. If your baby's eyes are red or watery is coming out of them, then an eye specialist should be seen immediately.

11. Caution for the Mother

Get your baby vaccinated regularly to keep him away from viruses and bacteria.

Wash your hands frequently to keep the baby away from flu and cold-cough germs.

Many times a day the child puts his hand in the mouth, so wash your child's hands too.

Mother's milk is the best to increase the immunity power of the baby. Mother's milk also does not cause a lack of water in the body. That's why nowadays doctors do not ask the child for any other liquid till 6 months.

As far as possible, keep the child away from any person suffering from any disease in the house because even a slight sneeze or cough can infect the child.

The baby is very soft not only externally but internally as well. Therefore, keep it away from any kind of strong fragrance, deodorant, perfume or smoke. Because they can cause respiratory disease.