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Pregnancy and then becoming a parent are very special times. There are many ups and downs in this important journey of life, MyBabyCare is with you all the time to make it easy.

MyBabyCare is one such online platform which is completely dedicated to parents, especially women. Here you get special tips related to pregnancy and parenting. With MyBabyCare, you can learn how to make it easier for you to conceive and how to make a delicate period like pregnancy pleasant and comfortable. Your association with us does not end here, but you will also find tips related to the upbringing and care of your baby after delivery. MyBabyCare is the only website where every information is given to you based on scientific evidence and expert advice.

We have an exclusive team of experienced writers and experts who, based on in-depth research, gather new information for you.

The result of the reliable information provided by us is that today we have more than 2 million readers and this count is increasing continuously. In a country like India, where the influence of Hindi and regional languages ​​is more, it is impossible to reach the people through English only. Realizing this importance of Indian languages, We hope that the trust you have shown on our English website will continue with Hindi and other languages ​​as well.