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Care Tips

Follow these tips to calm an angry child in minutes

It is often seen in homes that parents are unable to give enough time to their child due to work or shout loudly at him when he makes...

Care Tips

The child will become a better person, these 10 parenting...

10 Good Parenting Tips- A good parent does not need to be perfect. No one is perfect. No child is perfect. It is very important to...

Pregnancy Exercises

Exercise for New Mom

Congratulations on becoming a mother, your little one is finally with you! You are now free from back pain, morning sickness, and...

Stage and Care

5 ways to ease your labor pain

There are many methods available to reduce labor pain. The intensity of pain varies from woman to woman, but before you go through...

Stage and Care

Everything you need to know about C-section

Caesarean delivery or caesarean section means that your baby is born through an operation. The surgeon first makes an incision in...

Stage and Care

Signs of Labor

Each labor and birth is unique and you will find a wide variety of rich experiences. You can't predict exactly how and when your labor...

Stage and Care

Three stages of Delivery

Childbirth is generally divided into three stages. The first stage is the longest for almost everyone, but its length is very variable....


Newborn Baby Quiz Questions And Answers!

A newborn baby can be the biggest blessing a couple can have. But, raising them and taking care of them can be a challenge if you...

Care Tips

best positive parenting tips

It is wrong to expect perfection from children. No parent is perfect, similarly, no child can be perfect.

Care Tips

Baby Care Guide for New Moms

It has often been seen that when women become mothers for the first time, they remain upset or confused about many things, especially...

Pregnancy Planning

How to conceive a baby-girl/baby-boy?

I always get many questions from onlookers asking about ways to know for sure what gender the child is. Having a boy or a girl is...

Pregnancy Planning

When to have sex to conceive, know in detail

Every woman definitely wants to become a mother once in her life, because being pregnant makes a woman aware of many happy moments....

Baby Diet

Foods to avoid giving to your baby.

Keeping track of all the things new parents should do regarding their baby's diet can be very difficult. The easy way to do this is...

Baby Diet

12 Nutritious tips for feeding your baby.

It can be very stressful and confusing for every new parent to decide what to feed and how to feed their baby after 6 months.

Care Tips

How play and sleep affect your baby's sleep

Setting up an eating/playing/sleeping routine will enable you to spot and recognize signs of fatigue. When you see signs of tiredness...

Care Tips

Right time to start teaching discipline

Your child will always want to be a part of activities that involve some form of danger. From eating sand in the park to getting too...